Learn to Pour Resin Workshop
Peterborough, Ontario
October 19, 2019
Saturday 11am – 4pm

In this fun workshop I will be teaching you how to work with resin and create one of the most popular finishes in fine art right now. This workshop is for beginners and pros alike!

You will learn how to mount your photographic prints on artist’s boards, and then encase them in a UV protected, archival poured resin finish. When completed, the prints appear as though they are coated in melted glass. It is a great way to enhance your work and it is a technique that can be done at home.

I will demonstrate the technique and guide you through the process as you create your own 8×10 print. You provide me with your image and then you will mount and resin coat it during the workshop. I will provide tips on how to display your finished work during the workshop as well as how to use this technique with other types of artistic media and after your piece has cured you will be equipped to hang your pieces anywhere!

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